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Why Portuguese language? 

The Portuguese language, especially as spoken in Brazil, is possibly the softest and most palatable language of communication on earth. It just sounds like music and it's a pleasure to hear, but it's an even greater pleasure when you can also understand and participate in the sonorous, lilting song of the Portuguese language. Understanding Portuguese will have a ripple effect when you start learning another Romantic language, including Spanish, Italian, French and Romanian. Knowing one language makes learning the others much easier, as they all evolved from Latin and still share similar grammar and syntax, as well as much of the vocabulary. Speaking Portuguese is a rare and marketable skill among Americans that will set you apart from potential employers. Portuguese is also an important language in the field of diplomacy and economic development; It is the working and/or official language in some of the most important international organizations, such as the African Union, the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries.

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How we will Prepare You?


Weekly and Monthly assessments with Mock Test
Our experts give you extra attention when you are lagging behind by giving you weekly assessments.


An industry valued certificate based on the CEFR pattern

Free E-Books

You don't have to buy study materials from outside since LearningTree provides free E-Books. 
However, we recommend some books that you can purchase.


Assistance to Clear the international level exam

Why Choose LT?

Flexible time fr students to learn Foregn laguage

Flexible Schedule 

Whether you're an academic student or a working professional, we have flexible timings available to you

1 Month Extra Free

Extra One month is provided to students to larn foreign language

Therefore, you prepare better with 1:1 doubt sessions with the expert even after your batch is over.

Guidance from our expert teachers to learn te foreign language

Placement Assistance

Get placement assistance with top companies/MNCs with 4 LPA or more after clearing upper intermediate.


EMI option is available to lear foreign language

We offer easy EMI options with 0% interest rate

International Exam For Portuguese


CAPLE (Centro de Avaliação de Português Língua Estrangeira or Centre for Evaluation of Portuguese as a Foreign Language) is a certificate of proficiency in Standard European Portuguese as a second language offered in Portugal and 45 other countries and territories. The official CAPLE examinations and certificates/diplomas are developed, delivered, and accredited by a tri-partite collaboration in Portugal between the School of Arts and Humanities at the University of Lisbon and the Instituto Camões, which administers the examination procedures on behalf of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Under Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

To Qualify For Certification

A minimum of 85% attendance is required

The student must score 60% or higher to get the certification at learnningtree.


We have designed LearnningTree according to the CEFR, and all of our levels are taught according to the CEFR.


European standard for grading language proficiency in around forty different languages.

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