How to learn Korean for beginners?

Hello, There are lots of people including me who are influenced by K-pop, Korean drama, and Korean culture and want to get familiar with the language and most of us started learning Korean. Even I am learning Korean for the last 6 months, I am obsessed with the language.

So most of you started searching how to study Korean, what material we need to study Korean. But finding and getting perfect textbook.

to study Korean can be a difficult and confusing task, that which books should I select and which podcasts should I listen to. Here I have some books and some names of podcasts, which I like because they consist of easy language.

An easy and simple way to learn Korean.

Any language which we have to learn it contains reading, writing, speaking and listening without any of this skill language learning is incomplete.


1. START WITH BASIC (hangul).

When we start any language, we start it by alphabet. Hangul is a Korean alphabet. It is very easy to learn Hangul, it consists of 14 consonants, 10 vowels, and 5 double consonants. Learning Hangul is easy, it only takes 1 hr to 45 minutes. I learned Hangul in just 30 minutes, that easy it is.

The Korean alphabet or Hangul consists of 24 basic letters:

14 consonants:-

ㄱ(ga /ka) ㄴ (na) ㄷ (da/ta) ㄹ(ra/la) ㅁ (ma) ㅂ (ba/pa) ㅅ(sa) ㅇ(ng) its slient initial position ㅈ(ja) ㅊ(ch) ㅋ (k) ㅌ (t) ㅍ(p) ㅎ(h)

10 vowels:- ㅏ(a) father ㅑ(ya) ㅓ(eo) saw ㅕ(yeo) ㅗ(o) home ㅛ (yo) ㅜ (u) moon ㅠ(yu) ㅡ (eu) put ㅣ(I) meet

Additionally, as you’ll dive into it, you’ll discover that there are 19 complex letters with

5 tense consonants :-(kk) ㄸ(tt) ㅃ(pp) ㅉ(jj) ㅆ(ss)

If you want books for learning hangul there are a lot of books available on Amazon’s and also available as ebooks

11 complex vowels :-

ㅢ (ae) ㅚ(oe) ㅐ(ae) ㅟ (wi) ㅔ(e) ㅒ(yae) ㅖ(ye) ㅘ (wa) ㅝ(wo) ㅙ(wae) ㅞ(we)


After learning hangul learn basic sentence as salutation like hello, thank you, good morning, good night, how are you this will give you idea that how hangul is used and how letter pronunciations change as per words

Some of the letters of hangul have 2 different sounds as

ㄱ (g, k ) ㄷ(d, t) ㅂ(b, p)

How would it be pronounced whether it is ㄱ g or k for For example, Thank you, we say 감사합니다 (kam-sa ham ni da) But confusion is that whether if we use as (ga or ka) or in case of (da or ta) we can’t use ga in place of ka, or we can’t use ta in place of da

Single wrong pronunciation alphabet can mispronounce the word. That’s why listening and repeating sentences or words is very important.


Grammar is one of the important elements of learning any language. start with a very basic sentence structure that how subject, verb, and objects are used without that we can’t create any sentence. I highly recommend youtube videos for learning grammar.

There’s lot of youtube videos that teach Korean grammar is very simple language.


Practice made man perfect

Practice is very important to learn anything not only in languages. If you take any long gap you can easily forget because you are beginner.

The best way to practice is through the app where you can play games for word. Go through your grammar note every 3 to 4 days which help you to remember a small portion of grammar and not overload tons of grammar in a single go.


I always prefer to watch Korean drama and listen to the song it is useful for getting familiar with the pronunciation and the culture. I love Korean culture, their foods, festivals and most I fall in love with kdrama.


I love to hear podcasts it’s like my medicine when I wake in the morning I listen to podcasts, listen and repeat every single word. Because of that, I get familiar with the particular easily. you can listen to the podcast anywhere and anytime.

7. EXCHANGE Partner.

Find a partner for learning the language there are various apps online which are free offers language learners to interact with each other, from different countries. It is very way to use like hellotalk.


If you are an introvert and find different for commute with others it is the best way to record yourself and listen if your pronunciation is familiar with the speaker or not

I am not an introvert by I record myself a lot of time. I record poems that I learned it is a fun way to learn and memorize.


It’s happened a lot with me that I get distracted with various kinds of things like getting bored for some times so it is easy to get distracted from your learning process. At that time remember why you started learning languages and that motivates you to learn more efficiently and in a fun way

So don’t get demotivated that I can’t learn any language just try it and focus on your goal


Always record your process of learning a language that motivates you to learn more than how many things you learn until now, how many words and sentences you learned by this time and that motivates you to learn more and more in future

Record how many sentences you can learn in 1 week

  • Record how many sentences you can learn in one week.

  • How many words can you learn?

  • Write easy and hard grammar topics you cover in a week.

  • Create a language journal.

Hope this will help you with your language learning journey. This is easy and anywhere learning tips.

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