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How to learn a new language:12 Beginner language learning tips and tricks!

Are you embarking on an exciting journey of language learning? Are you a beginner and wondering how to learn a new language and what are the best practices to enhance your progress? You are at the right place!! Here are the top 12 best tips and tricks which will help you learn your favorite language and make you complete this goal off of your vision board.

How to learn a new language?

1.  Define clear goals

Begin by defining your objectives. Establishing clear goals will keep you motivated and focused throughout your learning journey. Conduct thorough research. Below listed are popular examples.

How to learn a language?

  Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

  •  Want to upskill professionally and ace in technical/engineering field? Learn German

  •  Do you want to break into designing and fashion empire? Learn French and Italian

  •  Are you interested in robotics, animation and VFX? Learn Japanese

  • Are you an ardent K-Pop and K Drama fan? Ace Korean

  • Or if you are a traveler, vlogger or a global influencer who wants to be multilingual, check out LearnningTree’s online, live and interactive language coaching classes!!

2.  Document your learnings

Notion guide, tips and tricks!

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Documenting refers to crafting your journey that is more about being yourself. Breaking it down, this could be done by writing a note of what was learnt at the end of every day or after reading/practicing. Use efficient and popular tools like Notion and OneNote to document your learnings and measure your every single progress. It helps you to organize your work and notes. As the popular quote says “every success story begins with cleaning your room”, your learning journey will accelerate with organized resources!

3.  Set Daily goals

How to learn a language? Aesthetic journals

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Learning a new language can be slow and gradual. Set realistic goals and expectations. They help you stay optimistic, track progress, and give you a sense of accomplishment. Learn ten new words every day and celebrate every small victory. By the time you reach tenth day would already know hundred words!

4.  Buy a pocket dictionary

Beginner tips , how to learn a new language

Sometimes the traditional methods are more effective than ever. Let’s go back to school days and recreate the times you used to carry a pocket dictionary to every class. Recall the journey of learning of the current languages that you know. Follow and recreate same steps to ace your new desirable language. Even something so simple and coy will definitely make a difference.

5.  Learn basic conversational phrases.

Embark on your journey with learning basic words and conversational phrases. It includes introducing yourself, learning to speak and interact in public places. This can develop more confidence and fluency.

6.  Meet and interact with native speakers.

Online language learning, language practice community

Most people are open to helping you and this is the most effective way to learn a language. Want proof? You might have picked up few words and phrases subconsciously from your friend who speaks a different language. Join language exchange meetups, online forums, meet and greets. Seek help and be vocal about your situation and watch your progress skyrocket!

7.  Speak out loud! Think! Implement!

Tips to learn a new language.

Photo by LearnningTree

Do not chicken out from speaking out loud. Figure out the pronunciation patterns and keep practicing. Go above and beyond by even speaking to yourself in this new language. Every time you learn a new word, use it in a sentence and start implementing. This ain’t your theory exams to just cram off your resources. Listen and practice. Be consistent and invest your time every day.

8.  Movies, TV Shows, Articles, Magazines, Podcasts are incredible supplements

Learn with Netflix

The above are great supplements for your journey but do not replace them with legitimate practices. Watching tv shows and movies, listening to podcasts and songs, reading magazines and articles in your dream language will catalyze your journey and makes it fun. Popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, Hulu helps you to optimize your favorite shows by changing audio and subtitles!

9.   Give equal importance to culture along with the language.

Along with learning a new language it is pivotal to pay attention to cultural differences and not offend anyone. Remember to learn the history of the country, their festivals, respect their values, beliefs, intonation, accents and dialects.

10.  Flashcards and Mnemonics

Language learning Flashcards

Implement the usage of visual aids and mnemonics to memorize vocabulary more effectively. Create flashcards with words and phrases on one side and their translations on the other. Mnemonics, such as creating mental images or connecting words with familiar objects, can help in consistency.

11.  Never Give up!

Language learning can be challenging, but don't let obstacles discourage you. Stay patient and celebrate your progress along the way. Dedicate a specific time each day to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Even dedicating just 15-30 minutes daily can bring significant results over time.

12.  Join LearnningTree!

Best online language learning courses

Photo by LearnningTree

Finally, at last but definitely not the least, joining LearnningTree can help you make your dreams come true. At LearnningTree, we embrace your vision and aspirations, empowering you to explore new horizons through our strategic language learning guidance. With diverse language learning courses, interactive learning and cultural insights, it enriches your linguistic development.

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