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Student Policy

LearnningTree - Language Learning Institute

Dear Student,

Welcome to LearnningTree! We appreciate your decision to learn with us, and we are committed to providing you with a valuable learning experience. Please review and agree to the following terms and conditions that govern your enrollment with our organization:

Course & Certification:

1. Regular Attendance: You are expected to attend your classes regularly according to the predetermined schedule provided to you.

2. Schedule Change: If you need to change your class schedule after starting the course, you must notify your trainer and our team. We will consider your request based on trainer availability. However, please be aware that schedule changes cannot be guaranteed, and we will not be held responsible for missed classes.

3. Certification Requirements: To qualify for a certificate from LearnningTree (LT), you must fulfill the following criteria:
   a. Achieve a minimum score of 75% in the final test administered by the LT team upon completion of the syllabus.
   b. Complete the final test within ten days of your last class.
   c. Maintain a minimum attendance of 70% throughout the course duration.
4. Absence Notification: If you are unable to attend a class, you must inform us at least 6–8 hours before the scheduled time by notifying the group. Failure to do so may result in the absence being counted against your attendance record.

5. Recorded Sessions and Revisions: If you are absent from a class and have notified us in advance, we will provide you with recorded sessions or revision materials (limited to a maximum of 10 sessions).

6. Package or Bundle Courses: In the case of Package or Bundle courses, the trainer assigned to you may vary based on different levels or modules.

7. Communication Channels: All communication related to the course must be conducted within the designated group. Personal communication with the trainer will not be considered for addressing course-related issues.

8. All the communication has to be compulsorily taken in the group only. No issues will be considered if the communication with the trainer is done personally.

Cancellation & Refund:

1. No Refunds: Please note that no refund will be provided for any amount paid under any circumstances.

2. Continuous Absence: If you are absent for 10-15 consecutive days without prior notification, your missed classes will not be rescheduled, and you will not be transferred to another batch. In such cases, your admission will be canceled.

3. Admission Cancellation: If your admission is canceled by the LearnningTree team or at your request, you will be required to repay the entire fee if you wish to continue learning. No refunds or adjustments will be made from the amount already paid.

4. Mid-Course Withdrawal: If you choose to quit the course in the middle of a batch, your admission will be canceled, and we will not be responsible for any refunds or further classes.

5. Non-Transferable Payments: The fees paid by you cannot be carried forward for any other batch or course.

6. Installment Option: If you opt for the installment payment plan, you must make the payment within 25-30 days from the course start date. The installment amount is not based on the number of hours or classes attended.

7. Installment Delinquency: Failure to make timely installment payments will result in a pause of your course. Missed classes will not be rescheduled, and recordings or revision materials will not be provided. If payment remains incomplete, your admission will be canceled.

8. Package or Bundle Courses Installment: For Package or Bundle courses, installments must be paid as per the pre-informed duration.

9. Partial Course Completion: If you withdraw from the course after completing a particular level or module, no refund will be provided.

10. Regular Attendance and Assignments: We expect you to attend classes regularly and complete all assignments given by the trainer. Failure to do so may affect your learning progress, and any related issues will not be entertained.

11. Your classes will be paused for max. Ten days. If the payment is still not completed, the admission will be canceled.

12. If you enroll for a Package or Bundle course, the Installment is to be paid as per the pre-informed duration.

13. If you quit between or after completing any particular level, NO refund will be provided.

14. No issues will be entertained if you’re not attending your classes regularly and completing all the assignments given by the trainer.


15. The classes will not be started until the form is filled and verified by our team and your full payment or first installment is completed.


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