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14 Amazing uses of learning Italian language in India.

Wondering why you must choose Italian to learn? If the travel vlogs you watch everyday isn’t convincing enough for you to learn Italian, Check out these amazing benefits and uses of learning Italian Language in India!

Why to learn Italian?

Benefits of Learning Italian in India

1.  Why should I learn Italian?

Being able to speak and understand a foreign language certainly gives you a great sense of accomplishment. It will boost your confidence and improve your memory.

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever and the demand for foreign language experts has increased significantly.

Thanks to a growing number of emerging careers, knowing a foreign language sets you apart in your employment search, makes you one in a million and gives you a competitive edge over others.

If you’re contemplating learning Italian and googling some convincing reasons to pick, you are in luck! Let’s look at these benefits of learning Italian in India.

2.  History of Italian Language

Italian is a subgroup of the Italic languages of the Romance language within the Indo-European Family of Languages. Italian is the closest language which resembles Latin.

History of Italian Language
“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.”
Anna Akhmatova

Italian is the official language in Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, the Vatican City, and the Istria regions of Slovenia and Croatia. It is also one of the European Union’s 24 official languages.

According to UNESCO, over 60 percent of the world’s art treasures and most of the world’s famous cultural heritage sites are located in Italy.

For instance, Vatican City is one of only two countries in the world existing within a country.

Rome offers historic architecture and art, while Venice offers travelers a memorable gondola ride across quiet canals.

Surprisingly there are Italian speakers in Albania, Brazil, Slovenia, Croatia, The United States, Belgium, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Malta, Australia, Eritrea, Libya, France, and more.

It is spoken in more than 85 million people in the world and fourth most studied language after English, Spanish and French!

3.  Rich Heritage of Italy

Researching on the history of Italy, it’s values, traditions, festivals and accents will give you the upper hand in your language learning journey.

Studying the language and culture together will deepen your understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the culture of Italy. It gives you the feeling of a native speaker and you will be adored. From its unique history, religion, art, and design to the great architect, the Italian language has so much to offer.

Rich heritage of Italy

4. Opera and Classical Music

Classical Music Orchestra

Photo by Afro Romanzo on Pexels

Italy is the home of opera, and it remains a popular form of music and entertainment worldwide. Italian is termed as the language of music.

Most of the world’s famous musicians incorporate a charm of Italian musical soft intonation, vowels, and rhythmical words into their music.


Fun Fact! Did you know Mozart wrote more operas in Italian than his native language, German? That’s how impactful Italian is and rules Opera.

Over the centuries, numerous well-known and renowned composers wrote several incredible Italian operas, including Giuseppe Verdi, Niccolò Paganini, Gioachino Rossini, Giacomo Puccini, Gaetano Donizetti, Pietro Mascagni, Vincenzo Bellini, and many more.

Niccolò Paganini is the best Violinist in the entire world. There is a myth that he sold his soul to a devil in exchange for violin powers and popularly known as Devil’s Violinist. Because his playing abilities seemed simply impossible for a human.

The ability to speak Italian enables you to appreciate better and enjoy classical music.

5. Get to know “Made in Italy “Products

With a nominal GDP of $1.93 trillion, Italy is the ninth-largest economy globally and the third-largest in the Eurozone after Germany and France.

Besides, it is also the ninth-largest exporter and the sixth-largest producer of industrial groups in the world. Italy is one of the world’s largest producers of consumer goods?

A recent study by KPMG has shown that “Made in Italy” is the third most recognized brand globally after Coca-Cola and Visa.

6.Vast Job Opportunities in Italy!

Job opportunities in Italy for Indians

Career Opportunities

Globalization has resulted in growth of outsourcings, ITES, offshoring jobs to India. There are a lot of processes in never stopping KPO and BPO industry.

Numerous Indian establishments with brilliant proficiency in offering a wide range of BPO and KPO services are growing. Due to the lack of Italian speakers in India, organizations operating in outsourcing sectors repeatedly are in hunt for Italian speakers. Learn the language and stand an improved chance of getting employed.

Italian MNCs in India

India is home to several Italian MNCs such as Benetton, Bisazza, Alitalia, Piaggio, Ferrari, Gucci, Banco, Pinnacle, Marconi, Fiat, and Lloyd. These companies operate successfully in India but are always looking for people who can speak good Italian.

Proficiency in Italian makes you stand out in your job hunt and will accelerate your career. Despite this demand for employees who can speak Italian, various statistics showed a drop in Italian speakers. It is because not many Italian learning centers offer the chance to learn Italian in India.

But don’t you worry because you are in luck as LearnningTree offers excellent Italian online, live and interactive coaching sessions from certified professionals.

Many establishments are advertising for people who speak both Italian and English. You can kickstart and enjoy a career as an interpreter and translator to Italian and Indian business partners.

Best Freelancing Platforms

You can tutor privately or find well-paid employment in any educational institution. You can act as a linguist tour guide, be a content writer (freelancing), a proofreader, and many more. Many freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr will help you kickstart your freelancing journey. You are your own boss!

So, what’s holding you back from learning Italian which will make you one in a million? Learn Italian with LearnningTree and boost your CV!!

7.  Increased chances in Entertainment Industry.

Entertainment industry is a sea of opportunities for multilinguals. Especially animated movies and 3D movies which will release in all languages. Learning Italian will open you to one more career choice which is none other than dubbing artist!

Career Opportunities in Dubbing

 A career in the dubbing industry can be both exciting and rewarding, offering opportunities for those with a passion for language, performance, and audio production. Dubbing requires strong skills in acting, voice modulation, and language proficiency.

If you're interested in dubbing for foreign language content, consider learning additional languages from LearnningTree.

Since Italian is a popular language there is a 100% chance that a movie will definitely release in Italian as well. Popular companies like Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, Lionsgate, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video are always auditioning for foreign language experts, keep an eye on those.

The advantage doesn’t end here. Dubbing is not restricted for just movies. OTT platforms with sitcoms, Tv series, documentaries are levelling up by introducing language optimization settings. You can now dub on these platforms as well.

Dubbing careers

Youtube Subtitle writer jobs

Again, the opportunities keep rolling in. Multiple Youtubers and Influencers have global   audiences and they obviously want their content to be understood by everyone.

Here comes the job of writing subtitles. Writing subtitles is not just translating, many writers act as a character in videos. YouTube Channels like TwoSet Violin, Nino’s home and many more are known for their savage subtitles. Many subtitle writers even roast their creators!


Translator jobs for Celebrities

One more exciting door of opportunity opens in the entertainment industry! Celebrities often go to different countries to promote their movies or albums.

Imagine Taylor Swift goes to Italy for world tour, she would definitely want a translator in her concerts, media showcases, fan meet and greets, interviews and much more. You can also meet your favorite artist while doing your job!

8. Formula 1 and other motorsports.

Italian F1 team

If you are an ardent Formula 1 fan, it would be no surprise to you that Italian is a popular language in the paddock among the racers, team principals, pit crew, mechanics etc. Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsports. Scuderia Ferrari is a big name in Formula 1. It is an Italian based F1 team with a great legacy.

Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari

One of the biggest news this year was Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari from Mercedes. You might have definitely seen memes on Hamilton learning Italian in order to fit in Ferrari environment. This shows how popular Italian is in F1.

There are many job opportunities in motorsports. Italy being one of the leading manufacturers of cars, it would bring you tons of fortune by learning Italian.


 Photo by PRAT Clement on Pexels    

How to get a job in F1

This includes roles such as race engineers, mechanics, aerodynamicists, and data analysts who work directly with the teams to design, build, and optimize the performance of the race cars.

F1 teams employ specialists in areas such as vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, materials science, and powertrain engineering to develop cutting-edge technologies for their cars.

Logistics managers, travel coordinators, and operations staff are responsible for planning and executing the transportation of teams, equipment, and personnel to races around the world.

Formula 1

Marketing managers, PR professionals, and digital media specialists promote F1 teams and events, manage sponsorships, and engage with fans through various channels. Professionals in this area focus on securing sponsorships, partnerships, and licensing deals, as well as developing new revenue streams for teams and organizations.

Broadcasters, producers, and journalists cover races and events for television, radio, print, and digital media platforms, providing commentary, analysis, and behind-the-scenes coverage.

Event organizers, coordinators, and venue staff plan and execute F1 races, managing logistics, hospitality, security, and fan experiences at circuits around the world.

Safety personnel, medical professionals, and first responders ensure the well-being of drivers, teams, and spectators during F1 events, implementing safety protocols and providing emergency medical care when needed.


9. Break in to the Fashion Empire! Here are the luxury Italian fashion brands!

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then there is an absolutely no scenario where you haven’t heard about Milan and it’s wonderful Milan Fashion Week.

Italy’s Milan is called as the world’s fashion capital.

Luxury Fashion Brands

The fashion world is dominated by luxury brands like Gucci, Valentino, Dolce & GabbanaPrada, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Bottega Venetta, MiuMiu, Prada, Fendi and many more.

Italian Fashion Brands

If you are an aspiring fashion designer and want supermodels rocking your designs in Milan Fashion Week, learning Italian can make your dreams come true even faster. Perks of becoming a fashion designer in Milan? Where do we even begin!

Becoming a big name in fashion empire comes with its own responsibilities. You might even meet your favorite celebrity attending your show in Milan! Keep working on your dreams and we will deliver absolutely best Italian courses for you.


10. Unmatchable Italian Cuisine



Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels                 

Italy has some of the most delicious foods in the entire world. Thousands of different restaurants in India and across the globe build their successful ventures around Italian foods.

Italy has some of the world’s best food names, from risotto to pastalasagna to gelato, and latte macchiato and pizza.


Photo by Narda Yescas on Pexels

Italian cuisine is popular globally, and the language has the greatest number of words used in describing foods. Italy is the world-leading culinary and produces some of the world’s best wines as well.

Do you like Italian cuisine or doing any course in culinary arts, wine, or hotel management? Chefs! Accelerate your career by learning Italian. It will undoubtedly be a high value-add to your CV.

11. Advantage for Movie Buffs.



Watching a movie is one of the best practices to enhance your language. Not only you’ll enjoy the movie in the original speech, but you will make quick progress with it.

If you are addicted to movies or TV series, why not combine your hobbies by watching Italian? It is one of the popular language-learning approaches. It is one of the effective techniques.


12. Easy to Learn and Sounds Beautiful

Italian is not a complicated language compare to other European languages. Arguably, the Italian language is one of the most natural romance languages, so basically what you hear is what you write.

In vocabulary, it is much closer to French but much closer to Spanish in phonology.

The Italian pronunciation is very straightforward, and the accent is easier for English speakers than German or French.

Italian is an excellent complement to Spanish, French, or even English due to the lexical similarity that includes tenses, vocabulary, and grammar rules.


13. Higher Education


With its rich history and educational legacy, Italy is a famous destination for international students. Through many Universities and Educational institutions, the country offers various study programs in any discipline you can imagine.

From Arts to Fashion, Graphic Design to Interior Design, Computer Science to Manufacturing, from music to literature, from Business to Finance. Italy has everything!

Italian Universities

Photo by Leon Wu on Unsplash

There’s truly no better way to learn Italian than by studying or living in Italy. You’ll be able to enjoy using it while you’re out there.

You’ll make friends, explore new places, experience authentic Italy, and of course, impress your potential employer with your acquired Italian skills. The possibilities are endless!

14. Amazing Travel Destination!


Italy is an extremely popular holiday destination. Does a gondola ride along a quiet canal in Venice does not excite you enough?

Venice Gondola Ride

You may wish to see historic art, museums & architecture scattered in the ancient city of Rome, you may wish to click pictures in such an angle which will make you look like you are holding the leaning tower of Pisa, walk around in one of Milan’s Street markets or maybe the gorgeous islands of Sicily. You’ll never run out of places to visit and things to see in Italy.

Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Imagine you already have some Italian language skills before visiting Italy, it will enrich your experience and make your holiday memorable.

Who knows? You can also meet the love of your life. If this reason is convincing you, then you might have read way too many romantic fictional books and watched many unrealistic movies which has increased your standards.

So, in a nutshell, it’ll help you communicate and make native speakers open up to you.

Finally, we hope you have got enough reasons and advantages to learn Italian. Learning Italian is even more fun with LearnningTree. 

With diverse language learning courses, interactive learning and cultural insights, it enriches your linguistic development. At LearnningTree, we provide a variety of resources which enhances your Korean holistic skills. The courses are tailored from beginner to advanced levels. We embrace your vision and aspirations, empowering you to explore new horizons through our strategic language learning guidance.



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